SHOCKS & C*CKS 8 to Offer Shocks, etc.

For a show that began almost as a lark, Shocks & C*cks has had a remarkably lengthy history. Seven years ago, producer Porkpie jokingly included the title “Shocks & C*cks: All Nude All Dude Revue” in a list of show titles. But a title that ridiculous couldn’t remain unproduced for long, so when producer Jonny Porkpie launched his “Bad Ideas” series later that year, it was only natural that a full production would arise.

It was a time when the so-called "boylesque" scene was nascent, and fewer men graced the striptease stage. “Men serve more as MCs or comic relief,” said Adam Feldman in a 2010 Time Out article about the show, “And seldom is there an evening devoted exclusively to the boys.” The first production quickly revealed itself (and the concept) to be deeper than perhaps was originally intended. By gathering what was at that point a critical mass of burlesque performers with male genitalia, and requiring that level of nudity, producer Jonny Porkpie had, in the words of Jo "Boobs" Weldon, author of The Burlesque Handbook, created a show which "holds nothing back; challenges and seduces at the same time, perfectly within the tradition of burlesque but just that little bit beyond. The production revealed more than flesh, playing on gender norms and audience expectations to raise both eyebrows and laughs.”


Six years and seven editions later, Shocks & C*cks continues to push boundaries, bringing male full-frontal nudity to the fore in burlesque shows that are hilarious, challenging, confrontational, sensual, artistic, and sexy. Don’t miss the annual return of this “amusing and outrageous night of good-natured dicking around” ( with "just the right tone of épater le bourgeois and hilarity” ( which returns to the Kraine Theater on December 29, featuring over 30 inches of sheer, unadulterated talent.


Starring:  Hard Corey, Leeon Sugar, Matt Knife, Patrick Davis, Tigger! and more!  Hosted by Jonny Porkpie.

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