Short Moving Films

SHORT MOVING FILMS is a collection of short, curious, beautiful, sweet, edgy, disturbing.... inventive films from the artists curated by John C. Robinson and Melissa Riker for Estro2020.


Rituals for Healing is a short dance video work commissioned by The EstroGenius Festival, New York, 2020 and The Dance Centre Vancouver, BC 2020.
Choreography / video: Petra Zanki
Music: Benoît Pioulard & Dash Lewis.

TREATS, by Zhenesse

TREATS is an 11-minute grotesque burlesque of whisper ASMR mukbang; a 2020 self-soothing fantasy by probableclws  (aka Zhenesse). Headphones recommended to give you that ooo ahh sensation. Previously performed live at Oklahomo in Chicago and as part of a larger work in Estrogenius 2019 in New York City. 

SOLVENT, by Vanessa Goodman/Action at a Distance

Circulatory systems, both internally and externally, are inspirations for me and work. 'Solvent' explores these systems and creates space for an intimate relationship between the viewer and the performer. During a time when it is difficult to feel close to people, it is the hope that for a fleeting moment, we can enter into something together for a shared experience. 

Created by long-time friends and collaborators Loscil and Action at a Distance, 'Solvent' explores themes surrounding water and the body.

ACTION / MAGIC ! [fragments]
A collaboration between Hilary Brown-Istrefi/HB² PROJECTS, Lamy Istrefi Jr., and Rie Yamaguchi-Borden, is a pulsating collage of dancing drums and sounding moves.

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