Sikofitall Gudtyme Tour: A Spanking

Written & Directed by Ron Stroman Step into the family Volkswagen. Ron “the bastard lovechild of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben” Stroman is going to show you an America that rotates on a different axis. He’ll weave through schoolyard-debates over Beatlemania; he detours into the grind of working, as a child, in his father’s McDonalds; brushes with stardom; and all the while the fuel gauge flashes "TIYUD.” No need to pack for this trip. Ron already has a baggie.

Ron Stroman is a New Yorker- considers himself a child of all 5 boroughs but grew up in St. Albans Queens-He is the son of Ruby and Roosevelt Stroman and the brother of Regina- all R’s- and the assorted dogs names also began with R’s- Ron went to school in Forest Hills and attended Adelphi University’s school of drama- Ron has approached this business of show much like the way he drives- taking the roads less traveled- avoid the traffic- he has written and performed numerous one man shows with titles like- The Serpent’s Sermon- The Bastard Love Child of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben- Welcome to my Momentum- The Sikofitall Gudtyme Tour  ( part one) and now Ron Stroman’s Sikofitall Gudtyme Tour ( a spanking)- these shows have all been part of a series precipitated by the asking of one question- “ Why don’t Black people tip?”- in his attempt to answer – he learned it required real dissection- he learned about himself- which led to the writing of multiple shows- he was told he wasn’t angry enough- learning that our anger is entertainment- that pissed me off.

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