Sleep Depraved

Full of nocturnal admissions, this comedic multimedia musical is a playful yet poignant exploration of some truly deep sheeted issues. Dwyer is tired but wired and invites you into her bed and her head for this intimate "insomaniac" experience in the city that never sleeps.*PJ's, pillows and blankets encouraged! The show with the most stars wins our Audience Choice Award! Click here to leave your review:

Killy Dwyer is a Brooklyn based “Mock$tar” musician & performance artist.  A two time Andy Kaufman Award Finalist, Killy studied Opera in Ohio before dropping out and moving to NYC to attend and drop out of AMDA. Killy’s resume includes avant-garde performance art, standup, off-broadway theater, tv , film, improv, sketch and voiceovers while also being a force in the alternative and underground NYC theater and music scene where she has made a name for herself as a “Devious, charismatic, subversive comedic songwriter” (NY Music Daily) This is Killy’s 5th original Frigid Festival show.  
Her past Frigid shows were awarded the coveted “Audience Choice Award” and “ Featured Hangover Performance” and she’s thrilled to be premiering “Sleep Depraved” in her home away from home - Under St. Marks Theater. Her music (available on iTunes, Amazon, etc) has been featured often on Dr. Demento, Sirius XM’s Raw Dog Comedy Station, The Funny Music Project and was recently spotlighted on NPR's American Parlor Songbook. Killy co-produced the NY Funny Songs Festival the last several years, both giving and getting opportunities to showcase comedy musicians in a fun, festival atmosphere. She tours her act worldwide and hosts NYC’s #1 comedy music radio show on Radio Free Brooklyn every other Friday from 8-10pm  @killythekid
Feature in Time Out
Killy won the Frigid Festival's Audience Choice Award for My BoX in 2013 and for Kill The Band in 2010
2 Time Andy Kaufman Award Finalist
Named: “5 Brooklyn Artists You Should Know” Brooklyn Exposed
Dwyer's unique approach, lyrical subject matter and stage persona — a tongue-in-cheek diva not too far removed from a cross between David Bowie and a drag queen — render the whole thing fresh and hilarious. CL Tampa
"Devious, charismatic, subversive comedic songwriter" NY Music Daily
“This is pure work. It’s kind of the only work that matters. Made me want to jump on up there and try to do a show just like it, and that’s the highest kind of praise I got.” Travalanche
"Without giving away the novelty of her act, let's just say that she knows how to create comic masterpieces of sing-a-long fun using modern technology very well." NYTHEATER NOW
"St. Mark's Theater rocked with laughter" New York Press
"The spirit is one that celebrates uniqueness and captures the best parts of the New York fringe music and art scene" Broadway World
"Killy Dwyer (does) an incredible job of balancing smart with funny with catchy" The Happiest Medium
"Fun times for all. It has the essence of punk cabaret performance art and it's easy to get into. It's packed with quirky songs and lots of laughs from out of nowhere."
"A fun fringe show with sharp satire and a healthy dose of goofiness."

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