Utilizing a structure akin to Cloud Atlas and The Hours, Snow (written by pop culture phenomenon Forever Deadward creator Ashley Griffin) follows three disperate storylines that all revolve around the fairy tale Snow White. Exploring the power and importance of storytelling, in Snow six actors playing multiple roles tell the stories of the Grimm Brothers who originally collected and published the classic fairy tales, the Campbells - a Victorian theatrical family whose lives begin to mirror Snow White , and modern day Astrid - a young woman who, after her abusive mother puts her in a coma, must decide whether or not to wake up. Encorporating aspects of American Gods, and classic storytelling techniques a la Peter and the Starcatcher, Snow is a dark and moving play that mines our storytelling traditions both in style and subject matter. "We're all stories in the end..." This work contains adult content, including the death of a child, sexual content and drug use. It is not recomm

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