Spirit of the Dane

Where do fictional characters exist when they’re not being experienced in the viewer’s or the reader’s mind? How do they feel about the way they are re-imagined once their initial creation is complete? What would Hamlet say if he came to life on a stage – untethered to Shakespeare’s words – the words that make him who he is? Spirit of the Dane is what would happen. The basic premise of Spirit of the Dane is the character Hamlet, Prince of Denmark as imagined by the Bard of Avon comes to life brought creates him as an entity outside of his play. Our Hamlet is sick of the poorly conceived and executed productions, the weak and inappropriate comparisons of public figures to him, and the myriad misinterpretations of his plays by todays theatre artists, and Hamlet lets the audience know he's unhappy about it. Both funny and poingnant, Spirit of the Dane is a play deeply rootied in Shakespeare's great play, and deeply relevant to the times we all live in today.

Reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe festival run:

Tony Cronin is wonderful as an arrogant, fed-up, whiny Hamlet, who is tired of constantly being projected on by humanity, and jealous of the characters in other plays for having better lines.  The Fringe Guru

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