STOKED & BROKE with Kevin Bauer and David Rafailedes

Come downstairs and join the party at STOKED & BROKE, a music/comedy basement show with nothing to lose. Hosts Kevin Bauer (Puppy Bowl XIV) and David Rafailedes (also Puppy Bowl XIV) take you to a weird world filled with action, excitement and the gnarliest guest stars from the five boroughs and beyond. It's not a lotta money, but it is a lotta fun.

KEVIN BAUER is a Queens-based comedian who has been featured on MTV's 4:20 TheaterPuppy Bowl XIV commercials and Pix11 News at Ten. A member of the comedy group Lo-Fi NYC, Kevin also produces the YouTube morning show Good Morning Astoria and performs weekly around the city.
DAVID RAFAILEDES is a New York City comedian and 1/2 of the duo behind Union Hall's stageplay Cellino v. Barnes: Injured Hearts. Originally hailing from Canton Ohio, you can see him onstage each month performing with the comedy group Lo-Fi NYC.

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