***Due to an unforseen emergency in our St. Marks space, FRIGID is in the process of moving our Festival shows to a new venue. We will share updates as they develop. Our FRIGID Festival shows are NOT CANCELLED. All USM shows will be moved to a new venue, and all Kraine shows will go on as previously scheduled. Watch this page and our social media platforms @FRIGIDNewYork for updates on the shows you'd like to see.*** Renowned Storyteller Brad Lawrence wrestles with the complicated legacy of his step-father and the hodge podge family of eight kids that came together to sometimes disastrous, sometimes hilarious, and occasionally touching results.

Miserable, traumatized, rage filled, uneducated, and tragically lacking in psychological treatment, no one in the world was temperamentally less qualified to raise a house full of children than Brad Lawrence's step-father. But when circumstances and two dead spouses left him with a house full of children and their friends and their pets, Pete Peterman turned no one away. Instead, he tried to rule the chaos with an iron fist and a swift back of his hand. And his dominion might have gone unchallenged had it not been for his third wife and his youngest step son. On the occasion of Pete's funeral, in the desolate Ozark town where this rickety family first got stapled together, Brad attempts to come to terms with their long, tempestuous, sometimes violent relationship and finds compassion for this strange keeper of strays.

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