Stripping in the Park With George: a Burlesque Tribute to Stephe

Phone rings, door chimes, here comes nudity... Having successfully blended burlesque with the works of Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams, The Cyn Factory is singing and stripping to the works of Steven Sondheim. After a successful out of town run they have proved that if Sondheim can write songs based on presidential assassinations, it's not that much weirder for Cyn Factory to take off their clothes to them.

Like Sondheim, Cyn Factory does not go for the obvious choice. Instead of bumping and grinding through Gotta Get a Gimmick, Dick Move gives you a hilariously dirty rendition of Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir. What’s more, the burlesque adds a new dimension to the song being sung, enhancing the grand guignol of Mary Cyn’s Sweeney Todd, and the defiant edge of Charles Stunning’s Ladies Who Lunch. Stage Kitten Sarah Tops just wants to sing in the burlesque show, but will this Cinderella get her wish?

The show’s selection is not just surprising it’s also fearless. Sondheim’s work is notoriously hard to sing but every note comes off as easily as the clothing. Each performer has chosen the material closest to their heart and that love shines through in the performance. The effect is one of effortless honesty. The cast welcomes you into their show like an old friend, singing songs like a confession or an inside joke that you share. The camaraderie of the cast, evidenced in the show’s group numbers, creates the feeling of spending a night with your funniest, zaniest, and most talented friends.




Miss Mary Cyn is a classically trained actor/designer with a passion for downtown performance. Her ability to create a vivacious party atmosphere is what made her show, Original Cyn, a long running underground sensation. As a founding member and co-producer of the internationally known Epic Win Burlesque she became known for her painstakingly accurate costumes and loyal portrayal of pop culture characters. She is very proud to be a founding member and producer of Cyn Factory, working with some of her favorite people to blend burlesque, theatre, and partying. She has performed for private parties, music videos and special events and has performed all over New York City and across the United States.


Sarah Tops currently produces with Cyn Factory Burlesque, Honey Badger Burlesque, and Lefty Lucy Presents. She is the Associate producer of the 2016 Nerdlesque Festival and is a former Epic Win Burlesque Producer. In her muggle life she is an event manger and producer who extends her love of working with unique artists and professionalism to the burlesque community. Her years of kittening experience have prepared her for her most challenging role yet!



Dick Move has been hosting burlesque for the past few years with Cyn Factory Burlesque, Honey Badger Burlesque, and Epic Win Burlesque. In the past year he has begun taking it all off in the spirit of art as well as hosting, and has been making quite a splash in the boylesque community. In his muggle life, he is an actor, musician, and puppeteer who is bringing his musical directing, stripping, and singing talents to Stripping in the Park with George.  


Miss Charles Stunning lives to bridge the gap between music, comedy, and burlesque. She's stripped, joked, and sung her way across countless stages solo and as part of her band Afterbirth Monkey. She also hosts and co-produces her own monthly burlesque show, Honey Badger Burlesque! She's sung about booty calls, stripped about prat falls, and tonight, she's baring it all for Cyn Factory.

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