Take A Compliment! (But Do We Have To?)

Cat calls, groping, dick picks, oh my! It's because your bra strap is showing. Or, maybe that photo on Instagram was TOO flattering. What a world we live in. Join Megan Bandelt & Genny Yosco as they host an evening of fabulous storytellers and artists bringing awareness and providing a space to discuss the sexual harassment and assault that happens in person and on social media. There will be laughs, tears, silences and a baseball bat. Do come.

Featuring Stories, funny things & more by:

Amanda Levie
Holograms (X & Lauren Clark)
Tess Henry
Wendy Watt
Cassidy Dawn Graves
Laura Fiorelli
Nicole Ferraro 
Kevin Koval


Half of the proceeds will be donated to Hollaback!

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