Special APAP presentation of TENTACLES! TENTACLES is a cheeky feminist harpooning of Tentacle Porn. Grad student Tessa presents her thesis on ravishment fantasies, but the manterruptions of former-flame-turned-porn-star Chris thwart her. As she unravels, her own secret fantasies slither in uninvited. This funny, moving play leaves performers and audience asking how, in the #metoo era, we reconcile our fantasies with our feminism.

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WINNER OF Best Writing at Pittsburgh Fringe, and Staff Favorite at FRIGID. 
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Review excerpts: tentaclesTheShow.com
Claire Warden (Fight/Intimacy Director) interview with BBC World Service News: vimeo.com/303388509
More about Claire Warden: https://tinyurl.com/ClaireWardenABC 
‘TENTACLES’ is a tongue-in-cheek feminist exploration of Tentacle Porn. Grad student Tessa is presenting her doctoral thesis on feminist ravishment fantasies when the manterruptions of a former-flame-turned-porn-star thwart her presentation. As she unravels, her own secret fantasies come slithering in uninvited. This show leaves both performers and audience wondering how, in the #metoo era, we reconcile our fantasies with our feminism. 
-'Interactive Consent Workshop,' Theater of the Oppressed style-workshop facilitated by Tessa Flannery and Patrick Chang
-'Consent in the Rehearsal Room' for Performers and Directors, led by Tessa Flannery and Patrick Chang
-'Writing from Improv,' led by Tessa Flannery
-'Tentacle Porn - Origins and History' with Tessa Flannery
-Optional talkbacks
Past Press:  
“Flannery’s writing does a great job of raising the issues of the #metoo movement in a way that feels natural to the story and the characters ... great writing and acting throughout, this was a definite highlight.”

— Alex Walsh, Pittsburgh in the Round


“A nuanced exploration that demonstrates why topics like feminist ravishment fantasies are still fraught with difficult questions.”

— Sarah Weber, Theatre is Easy


“Tentacles is hands down the best production I saw during my time at the Fringe. It is well written, wonderfully performed and directed. It is intellectual, emotional, titillating, fascinating, unapologetic, surprising, funny, horrifying. I really hope this production gets more performances, all over the country. It’s just that good.”

— Helen Meade, Pittsburgh in the Round

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