TFTT: Solo Show Excerpts

She Gon’ Learn

Written & Performed by Lisa Rosetta Strum

Directed by Ngozi Anyanwu

She Gon’ Learn tells the hilarious story of how one woman navigates the trials and tribulations of childhood, the insanity of dating and finding the right one which ultimately, if we’re lucky enough, we realize is our own selves.



Written and Performed by Kirya Traber

Directed by Sara Lyons

Writer-performer Kirya Traber embodies 18 cast of characters on an subway ride across the city. Public and private collide as strangers encounter an unconventional individual who challenges their fundamental conceptions of what it means to be female bodied, to be Black, and to be an artist. Through intersecting character monologue, personal narrative, dance, and song, Traber asks how minute moments of personal choice can define our experience in a world of predetermined roles. Overheard dares to expose a universe of complexity in a single body.


When I was a Puerto Rican Girl

Written and Performed by Keila Fontanez LaSalle

Technical Direction by Conor Daniel Bartram

When I was a Puerto Rican Girl brings you a multidisciplinary experience about womanhood, self-identity and perception in the United States through the eyes of 3 generations of Puerto Rican women born and raised in the most populated area in Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Follow these three women as they experience the complex process of finding their true self, jumping the pond and trying to be an active member of two different cultures.


Negative Processing

Written and Performed by Brigitte Barnett

First commissioned by the Metropolitan Playhouse, Negative Processing is a performance piece created from transcriptions of interviews with Alex Harsley, legendary photographer and pillar of the art scene in the East Village since the 1970s. Brigitte as Alex Harsley tells stories about growing up, photographing images in and around New York City and the changing technology and its effect on photography and the world.


Nazi Glue and other stories reflecting a black life
Written and Performed by Julian Rozzell, Jr.
Directed by Alec Duffy

An excerpt from this solo show by actor Julian Rozzell, Jr. -- a document of a life lived as an African-American human on a dying planet, including stories of Russian gawkers, German prostitutes and racist casting calls.


The Daddy Issue by Larry Powell

Directed by TBD


Sonny gets the Super Straight Sexy Older Guy he just met at a gay bar to come over to his apartment for a night cap. Unfortunately, the guy really only wants a night cap but Sonny wants so much more. The Older Guy Resists while Sonny Insists on crossing the line. Now, why would Sonny Boy do that?



Stewart and Lamb by James A. Tyler
Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite

In 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Zack Lawson, a 63-year-old African American man works at Primary Video, a VHS movie rental store. Zack's supervisor is the owner's 25-year-old white son Ian Philipps. Coverage of the O.J. Simpson murder case grips the nation and also causes racial tension at Primary Video.


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