The Beer Show

Drink-a-long through time in the Quantum Pint Machine!In its third season at UNDER St Marks in NYC, Wish brings you their sci-fi sketch comedy based on the life and times of the humble beer. Stagebuddy NYC says it's an "excuse to drink beer", and that "The Beer Show is the ultimate tribute to Homer Simpson’s favorite drink and anyone who appreciates beer would find it amusing". Recommended by FringeReview Edinburgh, and 4.5/5 Rip It Up Adelaide, InDaily says "A Brief History of Beer is an opportunity to learn, to be amazed, and to imbibe!


The Beer Show is a one hour drinkeractive comedy where the audience travels through time with William Glenn and Trish Parry, all the way back to Ancient Sumeria, through to today, on a mission to save beer from a mysterious nefarious person! Each month has a different theme so you can always come back and fill your cup with beery knowledge and fun!


Written and performed by Will and Trish, and directed by Jeffrey Mayhew (Theatre of the Damned, London), The Beer Show has been playing to New York audiences for over a year. Wish Experience has been touring the show to audiences in pubs and theatres around the world since 2013, and most recently played to sold out audiences at the Adelaide Fringe 2016 in Australia and in the Orlando and Winnipeg Fringes. 


Coming in January: 

Science! What came first? Bread or beer? Learn about homebrewing, watch only the most intellectual of beery adverts, how to up your beer pong game using physics, and learn about the origins of the golden nectar from Carl Sagan** himself! And more!

**not really Carl Sagan

  • July 2016 Original Beer Show
  • August 2016 BeerBQ
  • September 2016 Heritage
  • October 2016 Oktoberfest
  • November 2016 America
  • December 2016: The Holiday Spectacular
  • January 2017: Stemfest and Science!
  • February 2017 BeerLove
  • April 2016: NYC Beer History
  • May 2017: War
  • June 2017: Fringe Flavors
  • July 2017: Original Show
  • August 2017: BeerBQ



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