The Fire This Time 10 minute play festival

Featured in The Boston Globe, NYtimes, and American Theatre Magazine, The Fire This Time Festival is leading the push towards new possibilities in Black Theater. Offering early-career playwrights of African and African American descent the opportunity to write material that reflects diverse perspectives as 21st century theater artists, the works range from comedy, to sic-fi, to drama and more.


A Military Habit

Written by Aziza Barnes, Directed by Dennis A. Allen II

Identical twin sisters Spencer and Ellis pump fake, twist and confess the lies told to them by family and the lies they tell each other, while simultaneously shooting the shit and dissing boys from high school.


The Sandbox

Written by Azure D. Osborne-Lee, Directed by Jamal Jordan

June stands alone in the broiling desert sun. Jelly hunts a tiger deep in the wildest of jungles. Two sisters struggle to bridge the gulf between them in The Sandbox.


Not in the Room

Written by Daaimah Mubashshir, Directed by Kimille Howard

Abdullah, a faithful and devoted family man, comes home from his honeymoon, and everything, absolutely everything has changed. How can family still be family when they abandon what holds them together?


Easy to Fall in Love

Written by Larry Powell, Directed by Tonya Pinkins

It’s Bobby’s first time ever getting his shoes shines and it’s Greg’s last time shining. The truth spoken here can change the course of their entire lives… Will they tell it?


Coal Run Road

Written by Julienne Hairston, Directed by Tasha Gordon-Solmon

A young man returns home for a celebration to find personal and racial tensions have built to a festering heat beneath the surface of Coal Run Road.


Dolphins and Sharks

Written by James A. Tyler, Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite

When Yusuf Nwachukwu catches his annoying co-worker breaking employee policy he must decide if he will tell the manager or keep quiet about it. Dolphins and Sharks explores how disadvantaged people function and collide in a capitalistic society.


The Marriage of Zoltar, or Rollercoaster: Your Love

Written & Directed by Rod Gailes OBC

A Coney Island fortune telling booth and a glance in the wrong direction threaten to derail Adam’s best laid plans for an elaborate 5th Anniversary marriage proposal.

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