The Gay Card

Fuck boys and cold pizza slices. The Gay Card is the story of three gay men and the issues they face regarding love, consent, and the hyper-sexualization of the queer community in this modern snapshot of online dating and hookup culture. The show with the most stars wins our Audience Choice Award! Click here to leave your review:

Logan Martin-Arcand

Writer / Stage Manager


Logan Martin-Arcand is an Indigenous theatrical artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Logan has over 20 theatrical credits to his name as an actor, director, designer, producer and writer. Some of his recent credits include writer/actor in Politics of Happiness (SexualSpaceWalk Theatre, 2018), costume design for Reneltta Arluk’s Pawakan Macbeth (Theatre Prospero 2017), costume design for Tony Kushner's The Illusion (Greystone Theatre, 2017) and as Vernon Little in Vernon God Little (Greystone Theatre, 2014). The Gay Card is a very personal play for Logan and he is happy to be sharing it with new audiences!



Ed Mendez



Ed holds a B.F.A (Drama: Acting) from the University of Saskatchewan. He holds it often, as he enjoys the feeling of having such an expensive piece of paper in his grasp. He is an actor, producer, puppeteer, writer, voice actor, sketch comedian, and stage combatant. He has appeared on-stage in productions for Persephone Theatre, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Wide Open Children's Theatre, multiple companies with Live Five, and most recently, with The Sketchy Bandits; Saskatoon's newest sketch comedy troupe. He sits on the board of the Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals and is a volunteer with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and is the acting general manager of Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre



Mitchell Kent Larsen

Cold Pizza Slice / Perfect Man


Mitchell Larsen is an actor, musician, writer, dancer, and doer of other things (people are complex, you know?) living in Saskatoon, Canada. He trained in musical theatre at Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada and has been creating and performing odd art up in said northern country ever since. Highlights of his career so far have been choreographing a bizarrely sexual dance to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” for the Fringe show The Inconquerable Faith of Gladys Struthers and Others; dancing entirely naked atop a tall metal staircase in the arms of his two mothers as their parachute dresses billowed all the way to the floor for Santiago High Tech; writing a bestiality-themed spoken-word poetry set with his now husband, Benjamin Johnson; and dressing up as a terrifying daisy for a burlesque bingo.

He is very excited to be in New York to share a piece very different from any of the above and hopes that it brings you much joy and bitter insight.



Torien Cafferata

Dramaturge & Fuck Boy / Evan


Torien Cafferata is a Canadian actor and award-winning producer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Saskatchewan. Torien is honoured and humbled to help tell this story, which had originally touched him with the breadth, depth, and honesty of its perspective. Such a story takes tenacity and courage to write in a rural culture – especially for an Indigenous playwright – and this makes Torien all the more grateful to be a part of it as it reaches a NYC audience. The voices of these characters are not just valuable, they are indispensable when queer rights in every corner of the world are endangered. Select acting credits: Talking to Terrorists (Persephone Theatre), A Soldier’s War (Live Five / Strikes Twice Prod), Boom (Live Five / Fire in the Hole Prod), Treasure Island (Persephone Theatre), Dogbarked (Dancing Sky Theatre), The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble (Persephone Theatre), Letters from the Apocalypse (Greystone One-Acts), Run For Your Wife (Magdelene Theatre), Our Country's Good, Eurydice, Into the Woods, Eurydice, Henry IV (Greystone Theatre).

As a producer, Torien has been working in immersive theatre for the past three years alongside co-producer and designer Amberlin Hsu, together as It’s Not A Box Theatre. They are fascinated by the intersection between theatre, social media, and augmented reality. Most recently they have been digitally touring the SATA-winning Overhear, an on-going documentary theatre pod-play project for marginalized storytellers, designed to be experienced by one audience member at a time and disseminated to producers around the world to create a digital storytelling platform. Just last year Overhear was invited to the SummerWorks Festival in Toronto, to the Prague Quadrennial in 2019, and is slated for Vancouver and NYC productions later this year. Earlier in 2017 they began work on cell, a staged experiment in social media and political participation – all played live using an app and a performer given no rehearsal. As we look to augmented-reality as our new proscenium in theatre, It's Not A Box Theatre has never been more excited to explore the future of storytelling. Previous writer/producer/director credits: Overhear (four productions; 2016+), cell (2017), Hypneurosis (2016), and Project O (2015), DON’T PANIC (Saskatoon Fringe Festival 2013). Other writing credits: After Man (Short Cuts Festival 2017).

As a dramaturge, Torien has also workshopped countless plays and has hosted free and local workshop collectives for emerging writers and is the Dramaturgical Chair of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre. He also teaches youth at the Persephone School of Theatre, in Saskatoon’s regional theatre.

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