The Magician's Assistant!

The magician is sick in bed but the show must go on! Enter, “The Magician’s Assistant,” who blunders onstage and has to entertain the crowd, without knowing how to perform any magic tricks. No rabbits. No tricks. No problem! This adult friendly physical comedy for kids 3-10 is about the transformative power of believing in yourself and asking for help.  Creator, performer, and clown Mélissa Smith switches characters with expert comedic flare, finding a delicate balance between chaos and control, vulnerability and confidence. “The Magician's Assistant” encourages empathy, laughter, and eating your veggies!  

Runtime 50 minutes. 

After it’s NY debut in Frigid Festival 2017 The Magician’s Assistant went on to play for elementray students from all 5 boroughs at The Tank and as part of the innagural Family Series Program at the Strand Theater in Rockland Maine. 

Pre show activities and video projections and animation by Ingrid Larson add an extra dose of unexpected folly to the show.  

"The Magician's Assistant is the perfect show for families -- hilarious and full of heart! Mélissa Smith is a world-class comedienne whose charm is infectious. The expressions of pure joy on the faces of the young audience members is a true testament to the magic of her performance!" -Brittany Parker, Strand Theatre

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