The Mystery At Ginger Creek: An Interactive Adventure

Welcome to Ginger Creek, where curious characters and perplexing events are the norm. Join Hank O’ Hara and Sally Silver Gunz, as they run from the law, stumble over clues and suffer from amnesia. Their lives depend on you, as they attempt to solve a murder and prove their innocence.

Michael Gargan Curtin (Co-Founder, Co-Creator, Performer) is an educator, actor, writer, and language activist. He is currently an Actor-Teacher for the Creative Arts Team, where he uses theatre in Brooklyn high school classrooms to spark dialogue about current issues, and strengthen literacy and critical thinking skills. In 2011, Michael co-founded the Queer Youth Theatre, an LGBTQIA after school program at a youth center in Manhattan. In 2014, he co-founded the Panto-WHAT!? Theatre Company with Ruthie Scarpino. Michael has used theatre to strengthen communities, begin conversations, and facilitate cultural exchange in Rwanda, and the UK. He is deeply invested in the movement to strengthen Irish speaking communities in Ireland. Michael holds his MA in Applied Theatre from the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

Ruthie Scarpino (Co-Founder, Co-Creator, Performer)  is a performance and circus artist hailing from the wilds of Maine. She has performed and taught internationally using Boalian Theater, Physical Comedy and Circus for social change across the UK, Europe and South East Asia, where she was honored with a Fulbright Scholarship in 2009. Her intense devotion to performance started at Antioch College which she credits for her belief in the exploration of theater/movements ability to enrich beyond their disciplines. Ruthie collaborates with Hybrid Movement Creative Lab and is ecstatic to bring The Murder at Ginger Creek to the Frigid Festival audience.

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