The Serpent’s Sermon

Follow Ron, an admitted drug war casualty, as he hitchhikes down memory road. It’s a mesmerizing journey over hairpin turns that take him to the screaming edges of dreams. All the while, he searches for the identity of the beguiling man at the driver’s wheel.

Ron Stroman, Writer/Performer Hailing from the tri- state area, Ron Stroman’s passion for theatre began by seeing his first Broadway shows, Hello Dolly and Purlie The Musical. Since those experiences Ron has performed in many regional and Off-Broadway houses in roles such as “The Leading Player” in Pippin, “The Lion” in The Wiz, “Midge” in I'm Not Rappaport, “Felix” in The Owl and The Pussycat and in the title role in Shakespeare’s Othello.



Frank Reynoso is a Brooklyn based writer, cartoonist, illustrator and storyteller. His work has appeared in Mint, World War 3 illustrated, BKLYNR and Occupy Comics. See his visual antics at

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