The Tempest

Coming atchya this Talk Like a Pirate Day, we're bothering everyone who works at the Kraine again with another Shakespeare show! We're doing the least-funny of Shakespeare's comedies, The Tempest, because we're the least-funny of your friends. CAST: ALONSO - Bob Rutan SABRINA - Frankie Johnson PROSPERO - Chris Weigandt ANTONIOn - Matthew Preston MIRANDA - Genny Yosco ARIEL - Katherine Yacko CALIBAN - Bryan Songy FERDINAND - Ryan Molloy GONZALO - Giordano Carranza FRANCISCA - Wendy Watt TRINCULO - Leah Schwartz STEPHANO - Sydney Mattie

Tempest opens on Talk Like a Pirate Day - swashbucklers who talk like a pirate at the box office get $5 off their ticket, and anyone dressed as a pirate gets in for FREE!

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