Three And A Half Shows: An Irish Trilogy

Following full houses from Dublin Fringe Festival and New York’s FRIGID Festival from 2011 to 2015 Brian Fleming’s Trilogy makes a welcome stop at UNDER St. Marks in 2016.

Every one of us has a story to tell; Fleming’s unwitting, adventures bring him from Dublin’s Fatima Mansions to Senegal, to the refugee crisis in Rwanda to New York’s Irish LGBT community, bringing him face to face some of the biggest issues of our times. The results are often hilarious and moving. Projection, costume, spoken word, bad dance, bad striptease, live and recorded music combine to bring true stories to life. 




A Cabbie and a Bongo Player Walk Into a Bar

Written & Performed by Brian Fleming and John MacDonagh

Monday, March 7 @ 7pm

A unique evening of theatrical story telling, Irish style and New York style, from Brian 'Bongos' Fleming and John 'The Cabtivist' McDonagh in support of the St Pat's For All Parade.
John McDonagh, the 'cabtivist,' a New York cab driver, broadcaster and activist tells stories from the Lower East Side from back when there were more shooting galleries than art galleries, how he introduced Stephen Fry to the mob and how he got barred from Fox TV for terrorism. Brian Fleming, originally from Dublin, now living in the West of Ireland is the creator of three shows; 'A Sacrilegious Lesbian and Homosexual Parade,' 'Gis a Shot of Your Bongos Mister' and Have Yis No Homes To Go To.' He is a professional traditional percussionist, playing with the likes of the Chieftains and Davy Spillane, but his offstage adventures take him from Dublin’s inner city projects to a prison cell in Senegal, refugee camps in Rwanda and New York's glorious inclusive St Pat's For All Parade. This is a one off collaboration between the two performers; Dublin wit verses New York streets smarts. Do yourself a favor; don't miss it.




A Sacrilegious Lesbian and Homosexual Parade

Written & Performed by Brian Fleming, Directed by Raymond Keane

Monday, March 14 @ 7pm

While Ireland celebrates marriage equality, in New York, Irish LGBT groups have been banned from the St Patrick’s Day Parade for 25 years. Fleming takes us for a romp through 15 years of celebration and resistance, with the St Pat’s For All Parade on the road to equality in 2016. Sellout shows at Tiger Dublin Fringe and Kinvara, 2014 and New York, 2015.



Have Yis No Homes To Go To

Written & Performed by Brian Fleming, Directed by Raymond Keane

Monday, March 21 @ 7pm

As thousands of refugees migrate through Europe, three and a half Galway clowns face down 1,500 refugees in a camp in Rwanda. The words on everyone’s lips are ‘Why the hell did you bring a drummer to Africa?’ Sold out at Dublin Fringe 2013 Cork, Kinvara and New York in 2014.



Gis a Shot of Your Bongos Mister

Written & Performed by Brian Fleming, Directed by Raymond Keane

Monday, March 21 at 8:30pm

The only Irish man in Senegal brings the first Africans in 1990s Ireland to Fatima Mansions in Dublin. A musical storytelling from Dublin’s inner city flats to the suburbs of Dakar, experience the world through a drummers ears. Selected as one of 5 shows from over 300 for the Project Arts Turnaround Festival in Dublin 2012.



“Fleming has an unaffected charm which makes any divide between performer and audience irrelevant… standing ovation”**** Irish Theatre Magazine 2011

“Solid colourful Storytelling” Irish Times 2011

“Effortlessly charming and instantly likable… there’s an air of Jack Kerouac to him. You can’t help but be swept away into his world”**** 2012

“Irish Fringe Favourite” Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014

“Fun..There’s something original and sweet about seeing a tale of gayness, diversity and tolerance projected through a different lens.” Irish Times 2014

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