Exploring the private and real conversations happening right now between men as they investigate whether the sexes are coming closer together or moving further apart. In 2017 show co-creator and director Tracey Erin Smith took 54 women on the Soulomobile, Soulo Theatre’s storytelling bus, to the Women’s March on Washington and now feels the need to check in on how men are doing since the evolutionary movement.

This brand new and groundbreaking show from the award-winning SOULO Theatre is an outrageous comedy where 10 women walk in the shoes of men in an attempt to capture the state of men in North America.


"We need for all genders to come together to engage in a conversation around what is the new normal and figure out actionable steps to take for true gender equality to exist in society, or else further gender polarization – and its resulting consequences – will ensue.” - Lisa Kimmel, The Globe and Mail .


The script is based on REAL conversations with REAL men exploring the backlash towards the #metoo movement while sharing a few of their own #metoo stories. With a culturally and artistically diverse cast from Pakistani, Indonesian, Jewish and LGBTQ backgrounds the story brings together 8 ‘men’ (women who have been theatrically transformed into men) for a weekend of beers, bonfires, confessions and a few tears. They decide the world needs to hear what they had to say, so the dudes decide to put on a Fringe show and ‘Take Back The Mic’.


Company Bio?SOULO Theatre is the brainchild of award-winning (Broadway World Award) actor, director, writer and dramaturg Tracey Erin Smith. Through SOULO, Tracey has created and directed dozens of show with professional and non-professional actors alike, helping people transform raw material from their lives into creative personal storytelling performances. Tracey’s DUDE FOR A DAY - DRAG KING WORKSHOP is an ongoing Toronto favorite, inspiring women to find their "masculine" strengths and privileges through often crude behavior, facial hair and mansplaining. Now, the workshop has grown into a fully-fledged production, with 10 women (playing men) from a variety of backgrounds creating a laugh out

loud satirical show based on real conversations with men. It’s a unique approach to bridging the gender gap.


The cast of We The Men:

Barbara Aufgang, Savannah Binder, Rachel Brophy, Mercy Cherian, Jacquie Dawe, Sunday Muse, Sundance Nagrial, Silvi Santoso


Directed by: Tracey Erin Smith




Winner of BEST SMALL THEATRE - NOW Magazine, Reader's Choice Creators’ of the Hit Shows:?THIS BLACK - Tarragon (Women of Colour)?IN FIRST PERSON - Soulpepper (Indigenous cast)


The Clergy Project - Sold-Out Hit Toronto Fringe, Horsetrade Theatre, New York City snug harbor - NNNN, NOW Magazine?SOULO - NNNN, NOW Magazine?Memento Mori - Broadway World Award


The Burning Bush - Audience Choice, NYC's Frigid Festival Two in The Bush - Critic's Pick, BACKSTAGE Magazine


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