what she found

in the midst of recovering from a depressive episode, fiona dares to explore a frightening world that tests her ability to work through dissociation unharmed. "what she found" pays homage to lewis carroll's "through the looking-glass" and aims to delve into the scathing reality and implications of post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation, and living with the stigma of seeking psychiatric treatment. follow fiona she needs you.

Megan Bandelt (Playwright) is a theater-maker who is usually found as a writer, dramaturg, & gluten-free cookie eater. For three years, she served as the Marketing Director for the FRIGID Festival, along with Horse Trade Theater Group. Recent writing credits: her thesis, what she found (RSPC Laboratorium), GARBAGE (UNDER St. Marks, Portfringe Theater Festival). Megan graduated with her MA in Theatre History & Criticism from Brooklyn College, where she focused her work on exploring Greek Theatre & spectatorship theory. Find more nonsense: meganbandelt.com.



Nj Agwuna (Director) is a freelance theatre and film director hailing from central Maryland. Performing from a young age, NJ began studying theatre at REP Stage Summer Institute, where she not only learned the art of acting, but was also inspired to pursue the adventurous life of directing. She approaches theatre with curiosity and wonder, believing that theatre can not only heal us, but show us all the possibilities of the world that we inhabit. She has worked on a national and international scale exploring classic text,  developing new plays, devising, and investigating new ways to explore trauma and mental illness through theatre.

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