Where I'm From

Written & Performed by Mike Lemme – New York, NY Where I'm From is a coming-of-age, stand-up comedy show about struggle, survival, and scoliosis. Lemme talks about using the characteristics his dysfunctional suburban family gave him to navigate life in New York City.

Mike Lemme was a quiet kid. Not so quiet that people thought he'd shoot up the school, but he was definitely in the top five. Mostly, Lemme was quiet because he never knew how to relate to other kids. They would talk about things Mike knew nothing about like sports, movies and video games, but if you wanted to talk about wetting the bed, low self-esteem, and visiting family in mental hospitals, Mike was your guy! Now 25, Lemme is more aware of what’s happening in the world. By mixing his cultural observations with biographical material, Mike proves there are few things comedy can’t make better.

Lemme started performing stand-up as a teenager. Since then he has been featured on PBS, written for Nickelodeon and Second City, warmed up audiences for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and was part of the production staff for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and CONAN.  Mike can be seen performing nightly all around New York City.  

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