Yoga Christmas

WE SAVED THE GREATEST PARTY OF THE YEAR FOR LAST!! It's been a long, hard year. A year of hopes, dreams, triumph, loss, love, agony, music, laughter,, new friends, old friends, hard work, sleep (well, maybe not sleep)... It's time to reflect. On the past year, on our hopes for the coming year, on family, on grace, on community, on our inner spirituality, on our place in the world and the value of our contributions to it.

It's a good time to give thanks to all that HOLY CRAP IT'S THE 7TH ANNUAL A VERY YOGA CHRISTMAS

The East Village's greatest annual Holiday party show extravaganza returns to Under St Mark's Theater for it's 7th glorious year. Hosted by Joe Yoga and featuring a set by the world's greatest Rock and Roll band, Coach, this year's promises to be the greatest one yet. 

Livestream by

- State of the Union address by Dan Ricker 
- Lights and Sound by Harrison Adams 
- a Steely Dan dance party from 8-9pm
- a double-blind Secret Santa: bring a gift/get a gift... they all go in a big box and then pick one at random later on in the show! This is always one of the biggest hits at Yoga Christmas so be sure to participate!
- Special Guests, Surprises, Raffles!!!
- and, as always, Free Cupcakes!


Mike Milazzo 
Rebecca Florence 
Bill Chambers & Gregory Levine 
Umberto MacDougal
Jillian Thomas 
John Murdock 
Phoebe Novak
Harrison Adams
Chromatic Stampede
Jon Savoy 
Killy Dwyer
Tim Warner
Brooke Lynn McGowan & Todd Jackson 
Mimi Oz

Special Holiday Appearance by Billy Joel Hatefuck

and much, much more to be announced...


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