pick one of more of these festivals Gotham Curated by Erez Ziv A storytelling festival, now in its 9th year. FunnYmmigrants, Curated by Lucie Pohl A stand-up comedy festival featuring exclusively immigrant and first-generation comedians. The Fire This Time Curated by The Production Team An playwright's festival featuring talented early-career artists of African and African-American descent FRIGID Curated by God An unadjudicated, uncensored theater festival that features thirty shows chosen at random over the course of three weeks. FRIGID Festival is the only NYC Fringe that returns 100% of the box office to the artist. Applications for this festival go live Memorial Day weekend. The first fifteen shows to apply are automatically accepted, and the next fifteen are chosen from a hat on Halloween of the same year. EstroGenius Curated by Melissa Ricker, Maura Donohue and The Estro Team EstroGenius is a womxn's work festival featuring dance, comedy, art, theater, and music. Queerly Curated by Kevin R. Free Queerly runs for two weeks during Pride, and features NYC's best and brightest queer artists. The Shakesolo Festival Curated by Genny Yosco and Erez Ziv A festival featuring solo shows inspired by or adapted from Shakespeare plays. This year will exclusively feature women, femmes, and nonbinary performers. This quick form is just a notice of interest a festival specific process exits for each of these festivals, by filling in this form you are letting us know you are interested in participating and you may hear from one of our curators when your chosen festival comes up. Don't be discouraged if you don't hear for a while - we will look to this list when curating each festival (with the exception of FRIGID, which has its own application process) a month or two leading up to the event.