FRIGID Festival 2022 Application

Application fee: $35.00

This is the application form for the 2022 FRIGID Festival, which will take place in February 16 and March 6 of next year across our two venues. Please review the GENERAL APPLICATION INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS before you proceed. You will be asked to agree that you've read it and understand its contents. APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED VIA THIS ONLINE FORM ONLY. No emails, no snail mail. Submissions will be admitted into FRIGID New York according to rules described in the APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (below). Remember . . . the first twelve applications are automatically accepted into the festival ONLY if they are submitted AFTER 12:00:00 am on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th, 2021 (the midnight between Sun and Mon). After this, three spots are reserved for the CAFF Touring lottery results. The remaining 9 spots in the festival will be drawn at random during the "Halloween Lottery" on Sunday, October 31. Up to 12 additional companies will be drawn for the Waiting List during the Halloween Lottery. The FRIGID Festival 2022 Application deadline is October 31st at 12 NOON.
ALL applications to FRIGID New York must be submitted via the online form ONLY, between Labor Day (12:00:00 am Monday Sept 6, the midnight between Sun and Mon) and Halloween (12 NOON Sunday October 31) Eastern Standard Time. When you apply, you will immediately be prompted to securely pay the application fee. If you are accepted into the festival, you will be charged a Performance Fee of $800. Based on final venue assignment you may be charged a second amount in December. There will be space for you to choose a venue preference below, but due to demand we CANNOT GUARANTEE that you will perform in the venue you prefer. FEES (all fees in USD): Application Fee = $35.00 Performance Fee The Kraine Theater (up to seats) = $1200.00 Under St Marks Theater (up to 45 seats) = $ 800.00 For full venue specs, go to and navigate to the "Rentals" section. Application Fee payments may ONLY be made by credit card (to be entered on the next page). AT THIS TIME WE ARE SEATING AT ONLYU 50% CAPACITY AND SELLING MORE TICKETS FOR VIEWING ONLINE. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL BE SEATING AT 100% CAPACITY (90 SEATS AND 45 SEATS) THIS COMING WINTER.
Take care when providing us with information. Proof read your responses before submitting. By hitting "Save", you will have the opportunity to save your responses, email yourself a copy, and return to your application later. By hitting "Verify", you will be able to see which required fields you have missed before attempting to submit. And, of course, by hitting "Submit" you will send your application in for review and will no longer be able to edit your responses until December, when you will get a final chance to make any changes. The "Submit" button will not appear until the application window opens (at midnight on Labor Day, that is the midnight between Sunday and Monday), but you are more than welcome to cue up all of your responses ahead of time. FRIGID will reproduce data EXACTLY as it is written here - we do NOT correct improper capitals or misspellings. Our assumption is that you have included such anomalies as a marketing or artistic choice. You will have an opportunity to confirm your show’s branding language/copy and make changes to that copy in December. However, once you've submitted this application, changing your show title will incur a $50 fee. Wherever possible, respond to all the questions. Where a choice is offered, select the most appropriate option even if it's not a perfect match. If you have no response to a non-required question, leave it blank. The form can not be submitted if required fields have been left unanswered. We strongly recommend testing your application using the "Verify" button WELL BEFORE the window opens at midnight, so you have time to rectify any blanks.
Begin responding below, and break a leg.
What entity is producing this work?

The city the performing company or artist works from. This may be different from your actual address.

The state or province the performing company or artist works from. This may be different from your actual address.

The country the performing company or artist works from. This may be different from your actual address.

Please provide links to your internet and social media presence. Company websites will be linked to the FRIGID New York website. If your show has its own site, please provide that here so we can link it on your ticket page.

No fire, No Glitter/confetti, No Aerial rigging, no audience participation up on stage, no touching of audience. If your show is impossible under these conditions then this might not be the right festival for your show. Please check above if you have read and understood this message.

Throughout the pandemic, our rules have been more strict than those set forth by the City. We have been holding in-person events diligently and safely since April 2nd, 2021, and our COVID protocols have shifted and changed in response to COVID rates in New York City. We're going to be complying with all COVID guidelines, set forth by the City, and we reserve the right to build upon those guidelines with extra precautions. While we don’t expect to, we understand that there is a small chance that cancelling the festival may be necessary. If, for COVID-related reasons, we are forced to cancel the festival copletely, we will refund your FRIGID Festival fee, or we will reserve a spot for you in the next available festival. In this situation, FRIGID is not responsible to reimburse any artists for tangential expenses (airfare, hotels, etc.). If the festival is able to move ahead as planned, but for any reason your show does not participate, you will not be eligible for a refund. We have no idea what COVID is going to be next year and we are not able to set realistic protocols just yet. Throughout the pandemic, our rules have been more strict than those set forth by the City as we prioritize safety over all. We will continue to form and communicate protocols in response to safety updates. All protocols are subject to change. If we are able to move forward with the festival, with limited seating or even with shows happening in the venue and with audience 100% remote, then we will have a festival and it will not be considered cancelled, even if a 100% remote audience is not at all ideal or your idea of theater.

Primary Contact Information
ALL correspondence will be sent to the PRIMARY CONTACT PERSON. Only the primary contact person is authorized to submit or make changes to show and company information. We will communicate via email so check your inbox regularly - and make sure to add FRIGID to your contact list so our messages don't go to your spam box. It is also helpful to follow FRIGID on all social platforms at @FRIGIDNewYork, for updates on the Halloween Lottery, in the event you are not one of the "First Twelve". FRIGID CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR MESSAGES LOST IN YOUR SPAM BOX/TRASH BOX. Please add to your safe list.

REMEMBER - this is where we will send all the info you need for the festival. It's up to you to check this address OFTEN and ensure our messages don't go to your spam box.

Secondary Contact Information
It's recommended that the Secondary Contact is someone involved in your production - Stage Manager, Producer, Company Manager, co-star, etc.

Final Payment Person
IMPORTANT! This is the person/company WE WILL WRITE A CHECK TO AT THE END OF THE FESTIVAL - only they will be able to cash it and they must be legally able to be paid for producing or performing work in the US.

Performance Information
Proof read your responses. KEEP A COPY OF YOUR RESPONSES. ENTER INFO CAREFULLY - this is what we will use when printing the brochure. REMEMBER - there's a $50 USD processing fee for any changes to the title of the show after application is submitted.

You will have the opportunity to change this in October.

Check all that apply

If yes, please expand. If no, type "N/A"

Do you have permission from the necessary professional associations - Equity, AFTRA, etc?

Maximum Allotted Time is 60 Minutes

How many people will be on stage (in total) during your show?

How many crew members will be involved in running your show.

Describe the sound, lighting, projection, and spatial needs of your show - you will have a chance to update this later if you get into the festival, and we reserve the right to adjust offered technical amenities based on availability and time constraints.

Ticket Prices
At the FRIGID Festival 100% of box office ticket sales go to the individual companies, except for a processing fee charged to patrons on advance ticket orders and Frequent Flyer passes.
What would you like to charge for your ticket at full price? The limit is $20. This number must be rounded to the dollar. You will have the opportunity to set discount ticket prices below.

FRIGID Participants must set a discount for Students, Seniors, and Military Servicemembers. NOTE: FRIGID is not required to ask for ID unless you state that as a requirement.

If you would like us to create a 20% Off discount code for your show, please enter the code below. It's best to choose a code word that is easily spelled, but distinct enough that it isn't likely to have been used before. Feel free to add a couple of numbers to your code to increase the likelihood that that code will be available.

All performing companies that get a spot in the festival are REQUIRED to BE HERE for a minimum of 12 out of the 19 days of the festival. Keep in mind that if you miss a full week at the start or at the end of the festival, you will have a harder time getting an audience to know your show is worth seeing. Please consider ALL possible conflicts. This information will be used to determine your performance schedule. After your performance is officially scheduled in December, NO CHANGES ARE POSSIBLE. Keep in mind that limited availability will result in a less desirable schedule, as fewer options limit our ability to offer you prime time slots.
Please list any scheduling requirements within the limits of our previous disclaimer above. If necessary, it's best to list the times that you are NOT available.

Under St. Marks seats 45 and the Kraine Theater seats 90 at full capacity. We may limit capacity in response to the COVID information available at the time of the festival. Changes to capacity will not change festival fees. In any case, we have the capacity to stream all performances to remote viewers, which will allow all shows to sell tickets over and above our physical capacity. **Please note that marking a preferred venue DOES NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to place your show in that venue. **

We are able to stream your performances live to remote viewers, free of charge. We strongly recommend streaming, as it allows you to sell more tickets, regardless of our physical capacity limits. It also allows audience members with disabilities to join us from home. Would you like to opt in to livestreaming?

Remember, a one-time non-refundable APPLICATION FEE of $35.00 USD will be charged to your credit card immediately upon receipt of your application. The transaction must be approved before the application is validated. Invalid applications will be removed from consideration. Our Venue Fees are listed below. REMEMBER - you will NOT be charged a VENUE FEE **unless you have won a spot in the festival.** If you are selected, you will be charged the fees that pertain to whichever venue is assigned to you. The Kraine Theater - 99 Seats, $1,200 Under St. Marks - 45, $800

FRIGID will email a confirmation of receipt of your application once it is received. Payment of the Application Fee ($35) will be processed upon submission of your application and must be approved for the application to be validated. If your company secures a place in The Festival as a participant, FRIGID will then charge a baseline Performance Fee based on the lowest priced venue ($800). THE FIRST 12 APPLICATIONS ARE AUTOMATICALLY SECURED AND BILLED. If your company is assigned a more expensive venue in December ($1200), the difference will be billed upon venue assignment in mid December. Applicants drawn at the Halloween Lottery will automatically be billed $800 on Halloween. The Wait List drawn on Halloween will be notified if a slot becomes available. Only if a waitlisted applicant accepts this slot will their performance fee be charged. Waitlisted producers will have 48 hours to accept their place in the festival, or that slot will be offered to the next artist on the waitlist. All withdrawals from The Festival must be made in writing by the Participating Company's primary contact. If a Participating Company withdraws, notification must be received by December 01, 2021 in order to receive a 50% refund of the performance fee. A Participating Company that withdraws after this date will forfeit 100% of its performance fee. Applicants will NOT know their venue assignment or their schedule before this dropout deadline. Applicants on the Waitlist may withdraw at any time at no charge. Participating Companies accepted into the Festival cannot sell or transfer their spot in the Festival to another party. If a Participating Company is found to have sold or transferred its space, both companies will be removed from the Festival and the original performance fee will be forfeited to the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to cancel confirmed applications should circumstances arise which in the opinion of Festival staff would interfere with the mounting of the production or the festival as a whole. The Festival will accept no liability for performance cancellations as a result of natural phenomena or the actions of third parties or as a result of a performance venue's suitability or lack thereof for any particular purpose. If and only if the entire festival is cancelled for COVID-related reasons, or you are coming from a country that closes its boarder to the US or vise-verse we will refund your fee. If the festival goes forward as planned and you choose to withdraw your show, the Festival will not be liable to refund your fee. The Festival makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the suitability of any particular venue for performance presentation. In the event of a loss of a venue (or an unforeseen loss of Festival revenue needed to operate a venue) the Festival reserves the right to cancel the performances in that venue. In such an event, cancelled groups will be placed at the top of the waiting list or they may withdraw from the festival and receive a full refund of their application and performance fee. The Festival collects and processes performer box office receipts as a volunteer service only. Any liability for the loss or theft of box office revenue at any time is borne solely by the Participating Company. Each Participating Company is welcome to provide its own box office staff as long as all independent staff members attend a FRIGID box office training session prior to the Festival opening. All Participating Companies agree to adhere to the laws of New York City and New York State and the policies, procedures and safety restrictions of the theater spaces. All Participating Companies are obligated to act in the best interests of the Festival community. The Festival reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any Participating Companies not adhering to these regulations without a refund. Upon acceptance to the Festival, Participating Companies are required to submit all requested materials and information in full and on time. Failure to do so may result in the Participating Company’s removal from the Festival without refund. All promotional and publicity materials must refer to the Participating Company’s production as " (Participating Company/Individual) in association with FRIGID Festival present (Title)". Submission of this application and subsequent payment shall indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein. PLEASE CHECK THE BOX BELOW TO INDICATE AGREEMENT.