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Good show photos are high-res performance photos, sometimes with words or graphics on them. This will be featured on your ticket page should your show be selected. Our site's aspect ratio is close to 16:9, similar to a YouTube thumbnail size. Feel free to reference our site - - for examples. (Accepted file types: jpg,jpeg)

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Please include a high-res photo of yourself or representing your show that is suitable for the press. These photos cannot feature words or graphics overlaid. Photos without photographer credit in the name of the file cannot be used. (Accepted file types: jpg,jpeg,png,svg)

Don't worry about the language in this section, we will not publish this portion of your application.

Please include any and all social media handles here. Social media is imperative in the process of promoting a show. Please follow @FRIGIDNewYork on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can like and share each other's content.

Please check all that apply, with the exception of Zoom. We can broadcast live shows to YouTube, Facebook, and/or Vimeo all at once, but Zoom shows are only featured on Zoom.

Please include any dates for which you are NOT available between November 3rd and 8th.