ShakeSolo Festival Application

This will be featured on your ticket page in the event your show is selected to be produced.

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Your show photo will be featured on our site, and should fit a 16:9 aspect ratio, LANDSCAPE, the same as a YouTube thumbnail. Take a look at our site - - for examples. (Accepted file types: jpg,jpeg,png)

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This photo should be high-resolution and feature no overlaid words or graphics. This will be shared with the press. Press photos must have photographer credit in the name of the file. This can be a performance photo, a promotional photo, or a headshot. (Accepted file types: jpg,jpeg,png)

ShakeSolo runs during the second half of July, likely the 16th to the 31st. Please list any dates for which you are NOT available to perform during this time period.

FRIGID's COVID safety guidelines can be read at These guidelines are subject to change in response to up-to-date case numbers and government guidance. Please check this box to indicate that you understand, and commit to following FRIGID's guidelines.