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Upcoming Events
  • Saturday September 19th 08:00PM
  • Telenovela 101: Virtual Performance
  • Marisí, a poor but ravishing young woman is destined for greatness. Despite her humble beginnings of being raised by her grandparents, and a faithful four-legged mutt, she finds love with the dashing and rich Sergio Antonio José. Little does she know, he has been using her all along to spite his filthy rich family! What happens when, underneath all of his deception and disgraceful actions, Sergio discovers (gasp!) true feelings?! Can the impossible happen? Can love conquer all!? Can animals really talk? That just seems far fetched!Telenovela 101 is a melodramatic Mexican Soap Opera Parody. Performances in español, with English subtitles, so that everyone can enjoy the authentic drama!!Episodes 1, 2: Written by Kate Gauthier and Martha Preve                       Directed by Martha Preve Episode 3: Written by Kate Gauthier, Federico Mallet, Silvana Gonzalez and Martha Preve.
  • Wednesday September 23rd 07:30PM
  • Funny Women of a Certain Age
  • All Audience online until further notice. Funny Women of a Certain Age Comedy is a show straight from the unfettered mouths and uninhibited minds of the funniest, most daring, most experienced people in comedy: the women that have seen it all.  They’ve raised children both on and off the road with big hairy club bouncers cradling their babies while onstage. These women have stayed in comedy condos where you don’t want to use a blacklight on anything. They’ve been told women aren’t funny and asked to trade sexual favors for work. Trust us, they have A LOT to say, and they say it hysterically.If I had to choose between ageism or sexism, I'd take a pat on the ass any day, since that meant someone noticed me.”- creator Carole MontgomeryFunny Women Of A Certain Age the TV special premiered March 23, 2019 on the Showtime Network to rave reviews.
  • Saturday October 17th 10:00PM
  • Ha-Ha-Halloween Movie Review
  • Nothing says Halloween like a spooky movie marathon with friends! Join Genny Yosco and Amanda Nicastro as they stream some classic, public-domain horror movies and lightly (or *ahem* not-so-lightly) make fun of them along the way. They've also got special guests, AND these two will of course be in full costume each night.