So Many Shakespeares

The So Many Shakespeares Festival, curated by Genny Yosco, features one Shakespeare play performed in several different genres. Our second year is going fully virtual, and this year's theme is Hamlet! Featuring works from Something From Abroad, Punchling Loading, Brawling Bard, and Sour Grapes Productions, we're sure to give the bard his due (and then some). #somanyshakespeares #somashakes

Links to view performances will be sent out one hour before showtime.

Upcoming Events
  • Friday July 17th 07:00PM
  • im ur hamlet.
  • What happens when a bunch of actors get together on Zoom to try to put on a production of Hamlet? Can Shakespeare even be DONE with a lag? And how about the large personalities involved - it's hard to grab attention from someone else when you're not even in the same room as everyone.Viewing link sent out one hour before showtime.
  • Sunday July 19th 02:00PM
  • Hamlet: la Telenovela
  • Hamlet couldn’t possibly get more dramatic…or could it? It couldn’t possibly be funny…or could it? Shakespeare and Telenovelas? A match made in heaven? To believe or not to believe it…that is the question...Viewing link will be sent out one hour before showtime.
  • Sunday July 26th 02:00PM
  • The Murder of Gonzago
  • The Murder of Gonzago is, of course, the play-within-the-play that Claudius so rudely interupts in Hamlet. Shakespeare never wrote the rest of the play. So we did.When Lucianus wants to murder his uncle Gonzago, his every attempt goes awry, taking out one servant after another. Bodies pile up, a bumbling detective intervenes, gangsters lurk, and the Bohemian Bear closes in.Your screen becomes a stage where characters interact directly with each other, move around, exchange messages, choke, poison, even stab each other across their windows. This is everything you wish your Zoom meetings could be!(The show is best viewed from a lap-top or desk-top to get the full interactions between characters.)Zoom link will be sent out one hour before showtime.