The Fire This Time

The African American experience is not represented solely by one voice or one style. FRIGID New York and The Fire This Time Festival provide a platform for talented early-career playwrights of African and African American descent to explore challenging new directions for 21st century theater. 

The Fire This Time Festival runs in the end of January at the Kraine Theater. Events below!

Upcoming Events
  • Sunday January 26th 5:30PM
  • Shoppin’ for N.I.G.G.A.S
  • A Full length Play Reading by Garlia JonesPaul Joseph and Guinivere answer an ad in Essence for what they believe to be Ms. Yasha’s dating service and find “Shoppin’ for N.I.G.G.A.S” a dating service insisting that every black woman needs a N.I.G.G.A. and that every black man is one.
  • Monday January 27th 7:00PM
  • can i touch it?
  • A Full Length Play Reading by Francisca Da Silveira Shay is many things - a business owner, a single mom, a community leader - but there’s one thing she’s definitely not: a pawn in United Bank’s efforts to buy up foreclosed real estate in the heart of Boston’s black community. At risk of losing her own store to the bank, she is forced to choose between a personal fight for her family’s livelihood and a moral fight against gentrification. When pushed to her limits, Shay finds herself in the fantastical peaceful place where women of color have to recede into when they get asked stupid ass questions. Using devices like double casting through onstage wig changes, can i touch it? examines themes of black hair politics, social exclusion and the racial inequity black owned businesses face every day.
  • Tuesday January 28th 7:00PM
  • Covenant
  • a full-length play reading by York Walker Two years after his sudden disappearance, a guitar player returns to his small town as a blues star, setting into motion rumors that he may have made a deal with the devil to attain his musical genius. Based on the myth of Robert Johnson, Covenant explores the power of belief and tests the thin veil between rumor and truth.
  • Wednesday January 29th 7:00PM
  • Hairy and Sherri
  • a full-length play reading by Adrienne DawesDirected by Melissa CrespoHairy and Sherri (Sharon) are an “adorkable” interracial couple living in gentrified East Austin. When they very graciously and very publicly open their home to Ryshi, a 12-year-old former foster care youth with special needs, Hairy and Sherri are confronted with the ugly realities of their marriage and “good” intentions.  “Hairy & Sherri” is a dark comedy that exposes the limitations of the Texas foster care system and the evils of very well-intentioned people. The play was developed at PlySpace's artist-in-residence program (supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts) and featured in the recent NYTimes article "Retreating for the Summer, but Not Heading Backwards."
  • Thursday January 30th 7:00PM
  • Sisterhood in the Time of the Apocalypse
  • a full length play reading by Kendra AugustinDirected by Niccolo Aeed Sisterhood in the Time of the Apocalypse is a surrealist tragicomedy about a teenager who runs away from the circus and abandons her family, and 10 years later is reunited with her sister in a hot air balloon at the end of the world.This is a full length version of a play that was presented as a 10-minute play in TFTT season 10.
  • Friday January 31st 7:00PM
  • 11th Annual 10-Minute Play Program
  • directed by Ebony Noelle GoldenPanopticonBy Cyrus AaronThings are heating up outside, and two middle-aged men take a familiar spot in their neighborhood and shoot the breeze. They must face the fact that everything around them is changing, drastically, but the one thing they intend to keep is their perspective.One Morning SoonBy Niccolo Aeed“One Morning Soon” is about what happens after a Messiah is killed. It follows a community of believers as the messiah's religion grows and twists and changes.  It's a play for anyone who wonders: why hasn't God saved us yet?Assumed Positions By Natyna BeanDuring the first night in her new home, Naya discovers how easily a little distance can create a huge impact. When she finds herself arrested by the sudden shifts of someone she previously believed to know even better than herself, she is faced with the conundrum of whether or not she is willing - or able - to get to know this newfound stranger. Maya and RiversBy Tyler English-BeckwithMaya and Rivers are from a dead earth in search of a new life. They find it together, on the moon. If Men Were FlowersBy Jay MazyckThree flowers and a tree have noticed that the plants in their garden has been decreasing in numbers. As their vitality is put into question, they realize their sweet Gardner, Dalia, is hiding a truth that will shake the very ground they call their home. AntepartumBy Deneen Reynolds-KnottTwo pregnant women navigate bedrest and broken expectations in a hospital's Antepartum Unit.I Wish I Could P. (Pay It No Mind) by Mario (Mars) WolfeAriel and Jamil consider the next steps in their future, while Marsha P. Johnson shepherds the lost back home.