The Open Mic

The show continues every Tuesday at 9:30 PM EST!

At The Open Mic at FRIGID New York the focus is the stage! Sign-ups get 7 minutes to try anything in one of the most supportive rooms in New York City. Whether it’s a performance art piece, comedy, music, storytelling, dance, or something entirely off the top of your head, you’ll find a home in the attentive welcoming community.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up to perform when you arrive! Everyone gets a chance to perform. We draw names from a hat to determine the order of performers

How much time will I have to perform?

Sets are 7 minutes long and a mic host will give you a light when you are close to the end of your time.

What kind of performers do you accept?

All kinds! Music, comedy, storytelling, clowning, magic, dance. As long as you don’t make a mess, your 7 minutes are your 7 minutes.

How long is it?

The mic continues until everyone who wants to perform has a chance. No one is required to remain at the mic until the end, of course, but we encourage you to stay and cheer on your community!

What time does it start?

We open the doors at 9 PM, draw names from a hat at 9:30, and kick off with the theme song shortly after that.

Can I come late?

You sure can! Your name will be added to the end of the list if you’d like to perform.

Do I have to perform?

Nope, you are more than welcome to watch without performing. This is not a Fight Club situation.

Can I sign up in advance?

You can buy a ticket on our site in advance to reserve your seat, but we only take performer names at the door.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We have microphones, a keyboard, a guitar, and a great speaker system you can use. If you have any questions about specific equipment, reach out to

Can I perform to a track?

Yes! Just bring a flash drive with your track on it and ask the hosts when you arrive.

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