The FRIGID Festival

FRIGID is our flagship festival and something we all look forward to. It is an open and uncensored theatre festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in a venue that values freedom of expression and artistic determination. In true support of our Indie Theater Community, 100% of box office proceeds go directly to the artists whose work is being presented. FRIGID is here to chill out the New York independent theatre scene’s ideas of what a theatre festival can be! FRIGID runs from mid-February to mid-March.

We are so excited for our 2022 festival line-up, featuring new and returning artists! Come see us and all these amazing shows!

  • Are you lovin’ it? by Theatre Group GUMBO
  • As You Will
  • Bathroom of a Bar on Bleecker by Mike Lemme
  • BIVOUAC by Bill Bowers
  • The Disney Delusion by Leif Oleson-Cormack
  • Driver’s Seat by Ellie Brelis
  • Eleanor Conway: Vaxxed & Waxxed by Eleanor Conway
  • Hā Hā Hawai`i by Aitor Basauri, Michael Burgos, Suzen Kukana Murakoshi, and Anna Pumehana Walden
  • A Hanky and a Top Hat! by Bobby Torkova
  • Human Flailings by Jude Treder-Wolff
  • The Last To Know by Jean Ann Le Bec
  • The Lonely Road by Will Clegg
  • Love & Sex on the Spectrum by George Steeves
  • MEAT by Robert Leverett
  • My Grandmother’s Eyepatch by Julia VanderVeen and Aitor Basauri
  • A Play for Voices by Melody Bates
  • The Pleasure’s Mine by Molly Brenner
  • Portly Lutheran Know-It-All by Matthew Storrs
  • A Public Private Prayer by Grant Bowen
  • Smile All The Time by Amanda Erin Miller
  • Starsweeper by Mikaela Duffy
  • The Story of Falling Don by daniel kinch
  • That sh$t don’t work! Does It? by Howie Hypnotize
  • Three Funerals and a Chimp by Brian Schiller
  • Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life by Keith Alessi and Erika Conway

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