Dear supporters,

It is that time of year where we reach out to you for our end of year campaign. But in what has  been no ordinary year, FRIGID NYC has managed extraordinary pivots to continue creating the work you all have come to love. With your help, we can close out 2020 on a hopeful note with a clear vision of how to keep thriving in 2021.

As we begin month 9 of being shut down we need to ask you for help, and there are many areas where you can support in both the work to reopen, as well as what is required to continue the work that we are currently doing..  We have a lot of infrastructure work to do before we can reopen. We are looking at around $50,000 in HVAC work alone between our two spaces, The Kraine and Under St. Marks, not to mention reconfiguring the dressing rooms to make them safer for our Artists. The need for this work, in order to safely reopen, comes at a time when our earned income has gone from 60 to zero overnight, ¾’s of a year ago and counting. 

In addition, since 1997 we have been one of the busiest theaters in NYC averaging about 1000 performances a year. Today we are the busiest theater in NYC doing a minimum of 4 live online performances a week. But some rent is still due, Insurance prices have not gone down despite the 100% decrease in audiences they have to cover, Con Ed is still due, and we have been doing our best to keep our staff and our artists working and paid.

No business was designed to be shut down for a year and still work, and we now need to ask you, if you are still making a living, if you have a little extra that you are saving by not going to the bar, the theater, the movies, restaurants, etc. to help us make it thru the next few months. Help us to make sure that the New York you come back to still has the things that make it special. We are doing our best to keep our quirky little theaters here for you, to keep the quirky Artists that make the work that makes our theater scene the best in the world working and creating, so we can hit the ground running when the earth beneath our feet finally stabilizes and we can all get back to a new and better normal.

Please support us, so we can continue to support them, so they can be here to support you, when you are finally free to come back to see us.  To make a tax-deductible now, go to this link.  And should a monetary contribution be impossible for you at the moment, there are still many ways to support us by telling your friends about us, liking us on social media, and checking out our lineup of shows. We thank you in advance and we can’t wait to see you at the theater again!


Erez Ziv and Team FRIGID NYC

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