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Spacing viewings for either venue can be scheduled here on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3pm to 6pm.

The Kraine Theater


85 East 4th Street
Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues (Bowery)
First Floor, no wheelchair access

The Kraine Theatre is one of the most well known downtown venues featuring Off and Off-Off Broadway productions year round.

The raked rows, wide center aisle, and 12′ ceilings give the Kraine Theater a sense of spaciousness while the 22″ x 16″ Proscenium Stage, with downstage curtain offers an intimate setting.

The upstage wall features two curtained side entrances and three 4’x8′ fully rotating panels in the center, allowing for great versatility. The 90 seats are old school theater seats in fixed rows.

Backstage, there is a full dressing room with lighted mirrors, two bathrooms, direct crossover access, and shared Set and Prop storage.

The lighting system has recently been upgraded. The Kraine now features an Ion family operating system, color changing LED rep plot, and three moving lights.  

The space is equipped with a sound package that includes a 10 channel multi output digital effects sound board, two 12″ JBL house mains, and two stage monitors that can be places anywhere on stage. There is also a booth monitor and a dressing room AV feed of the live stage.

Additional amenities include air conditioning and projector/screen rental. With the exception of matinee shows, our bar will be staffed and open to serve beer, wine, cider, and hard seltzer as well as a variety of nonalcoholic beverages. The bar may close due to changes in our COVID polices.

In an effort to keep a space this size within financial reach of the downtown theater community, the Kraine Theater is run on a repertory slot rental basis with two shows a night running almost every weekend.

Kraine Tech Documents & Set Inventory

UNDER St. Marks


94 St. Marks Place
Between 1st Avenue & A Avenue
Basement theater, no wheelchair access 

“The city’s cultural pulse is driven by vibrant little holes like Under St. Marks…”

-John Del Signore, The Gothamist

UNDER St. Marks has been an experimental theater space since the 1970’s. Located on St. Marks Place between First Avenue and Avenue A, this basement theater is popular with a wide variety of theater artists.

One side wall of the stage features a sandstone and brick wall, the opposing side is a usable stand-up bar.

There is a backstage dressing room with direct access to crossover, stage, bar, and two restrooms.

The lighting system installation includes mostly LED fixtures, with a board in the booth that allows for quick color changes, control over a couple of moving lights. the lights are controlled by an ETC ColorSource.

The space is equipped with a sound package that includes a 12 channel mixing board with multiple microphone jacks, Qlab and stereo sound.

About 10′ upstage is a retractable projection screen.  it is paired up with 3.6K Lumin, short throw projector that can stand up to some lighting. the throw distance allows for actors to be half way upstage and still not be in the projector beam.

New HVAC system pumps in a lot of temperature controlled fresh air.

The Beer Pantry will be open for most shows and we encourage your audience to drink responsibly.

UNDER St Marks Tech Documents & Set Inventory

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