Founded in 2014, Queerly is FRIGID’s annual celebration of all things artistic and LGBTQIA2S+. Queerly strives for diversity on and off stage, seeking out queer teams and artists of all kinds as well as a wide range of shows and performances. Our goal is to provide a space for queer artists who’ve rarely or never seen their identities portrayed on stage to be able to represent themselves and tell their stories their way, as well as to provide a space for queer celebration, pride, and strength. Queerly was started by Erez Ziv and then curated by Kevin R. Free for many years. It is now curated by FRIGID co artistic director Jimmy Lovett.

Queerly is a place for self-representation, for telling the stories we want to tell, and for sharing our work with our community and beyond. Regardless of how a piece makes us feel, there is joy in artistic creation and, as we raise our heads in defiance of those who would dehumanize us, queer joy is an act of rebellion. Queerly is a place for that rebellion. In light of the barrage of anti-trans legislation across the country, we are prioritizing work by or featuring trans artists, and amplifying trans voices, trans joy, and trans rebellion, as well as work that speaks to queer resilience past, present, and future.

Queerly runs from mid-June through early July.

Want to be a part of Queerly 2024? Applications are open now and we can’t wait to hear about your show! Applications will be live through March 11th. Please reach out if you feel you feel you’ll need an extension.

Application FAQs

Q: Are there any fees associated with the festival?
A: Nope! There is no fee for applying or participating.

Q: What do I get from being in the festival?
A: Apart from exceptionally good company? You’ll get ticketing setup on our website and on 3rd party sites (TDF, EventBrite, etc) and customer support from our team. We’ll provide tech and front of house staff for each performance. Festival shows are included in festival marketing as well as receiving support from Emily Owens PR. All participants (everyone working on a festival show) receive free stand-by tickets to other shows in the festival. Queerly participants are also invited to our 4th of July bbq! Other festival opportunities may include a photoshoot, press or podcast interviews, and invitations to work with FRIGID New York in the future. 

Q: Is there a theme?
A: No. One day, maybe, but not this year.

Q: Can I apply for Queerly if I’m not based in New York City?
A: Yes, absolutely! However, we don’t have the resources to help with travel or housing for artists.

Q: Is there a required length for shows?
A: Not strictly. Historically, the majority of the shows have run about an hour, which is an easy length for scheduling. Shows under about 45 minutes are likely to be paired with another short show.

Q: I have an act or short piece (15 or under); can I still apply?
A: Yes,  but it’s not really what we’re looking for. If we get a number of these applications, we may be able to curate a festival variety show so if this is something you’re considering, think about if you know someone else you’d like to apply with to make a longer piece or if you know people who would also be interested in doing a festival variety show and send them our way!

Q: Can I submit more than one show?
A: Yes. Each submission will be considered on its own merits, but we also want to support and showcase as many artists as we can so it is less likely that both shows will be accepted. If you have two shorter shows that you would like to present together as a double bill, you can submit them together as a single application.

Q: Does the content of the show have to be overtly queer?
A: No, but a piece without clear queer themes is less likely to be accepted.

Q: Does everyone in my cast and/or on my team have to be queer?
A: No. There is not a certain queer quota you/your team have to meet in order to apply. We trust that our artists will apply appropriately and be mindful of the goals of the festival.

Q: How are shows chosen for the festival?
Shows are chosen by the festival curator, Jimmy Lovett, who worked with the previous curator, Kevin R Free, for several years before taking over. Shows are chosen based on feasibility (our space does have certain limits based on its size and structure), suitability to the festival, and scheduling limitations (e.g. we can do more 1 hour shows than 3 hour shows). Queerly strives for diversity off and on the stage so shows with heavily overlapping themes, styles, or representations may be considered against each other to allow room for more variety. Other considerations include artistic merit, past work with FRIGID or other theaters, and FRIGID team interest in the project.

Thanks to everyone who made Queerly 2023 our best year ever!

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