Black and Blue

Presented by FRIGID New York

Reynaldo Piniella is a find and he shines

– Times Square Chronicles

Black and Blue tells the story of a light-skinned, biracial Black and Latino boy who likes to listen to the Backstreet Boys, wear hot pink and cry during feel good movies like “Air Bud.” But society doesn’t like it when our Black men show vulnerability, and this sensitive boy learns to bottle up his feelings and internalize his trauma. By tapping into the power of our ancestors, we find that their music, movement and meditations propel us collectively forward. The audience will be asked to find their own path to healing and what in their life they need to let go. And we end with a big ol’ dance party of course. We jam out to Britney Spears’ seminal album “Oops!… I Did It Again” and our biracial boy realizes that there’s no one way to be Black. Like the Backstreet Boys album, it’s ok to be Black and feel Blue.

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