Di Lady Di

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… this show with Music, Book and Lyrics by Charlotte Munson, Music by Richard Munson will open your eyes to the young girl destined for greatness… Charlotte’s stage presence will draw you in and her powerful voice will touch your heart.

-Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

DI LADY DI is a one woman, coming-of-age, powerhouse, new fairytale musical. Searingly comedic and innovative, DI LADY DI eschews the fairytale glamor of the people’s princess to illuminate her struggles in a paternalistic society and dysfunctional family. Under pressure to sacrifice self and conform, the People’s Princess emerges from her crucible-chrysalis as an empowered woman of influence, transcending celebrity and transforming the monarchy. DI LADY DI reveals what is under the looking glass, taking an unflinching gaze into the heart and mind of an icon in turmoil, evocatively expressing lessons learned from her private journey.Through beautiful, multi-layered harmonies and incisive lyrics, DI LADY DI celebrates the transformative possibilities of looking inward, overcoming familial trauma, and the ineffable power of a woman’s intuition.


“Di Lady Di” is one of those fearless biopic plays that makes you forget what you already knew and look at something so familiar with completely unfettered eyes. It is moving and funny and comforting and yet still daring and wild in places, much like the princess… Ms Munson’s beautiful voice is as astonishing as Diana’s iconic presence… brilliantly thoughtful, the music is truly sublime and everything works perfectly together… Please go and see this show. I can assure you it is unlike anything you have seen before… I absolutely loved it!!

-Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHo Arts District

Di Lady Di’s songs range from operatic to Broadway… to pop, and Munson sings them as gorgeously as if she were on stage at the Met, starring on the Great White Way, or headlining Vegas… Munson delivers a thoroughly captivating, ultimately quite moving performance in a production ingeniously stage… the amazing Charlotte Munson takes what it took [The Crown] a cast and crew of thousands to create and does it pretty much all on her own.

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

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