Your support keeps our doors open.

Last year we took some losses, turns out that trying to responsibly run a theater in the third year of a pandemic is not a financially responsible thing to do.  

I'm very proud of what we've accomplished.  We were the first to open, we stayed open responsibly, and we are still open.  

But there has been a cost, so now we are asking for your help to get us through the rest of this thing. 

Help us maintain a stable and safe home for our Residents, continue our many festivals, grow back our monthly programming, be here for our renters as they start to come back to producing indie theater in the lower east side, and give our hard-working front line staff some holiday cheddar.

There are many ways to give:

  • You can donate directly right here on our website
  • You can join the FRIGID New York Patreon
  • You can buy a bunch of tickets to upcoming shows and bring your friends
  • You can spread the word and ask others to donate
  • You can do all of the above!

Whatever way works best for you, this year I ask you to please give to the FRIGID New York community.

All Donations to FRIGID are tax-deductible, and go towards keeping our community active and creating. 

If you'd like your particular dollars to go directly toward paying artists, join us on Patreon. You'll be included in cool rewards like merch, drinks at shows, and occasional free tickets. If apps are your thing, you can even Venmo us at @FRIGIDNewYork. Basically, we'll take your money however you want to give it to us.

Email us at if you have any questions about giving, or need a special receipt.

General Fund

Help keep our doors open, our staff paid, and our lights on.

COVID Debt Relief Fund

Repaying our EIDL loan

Under St Marks Facelift

Roundup your purchase to help support our space renovations.

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