Storytelling - Season 26


Join us for six stories of lost arks and spooky relics, sacred sites and sanctified people, worshipped bones and the forgotten dead, join us for Odd Salon NYC: HALLOW

Curated by Odd Salon NYC Co-Producer
Christian Cagigal

Kraine Theater
$25 In Person
$20 Watch From Home
Sliding Scale available for both
Doors at 6:30PM EDT
Show and Stream at 7:00PM EDT

Stories and speakers

Rain Wiegartner
Hell: A World Tour
We all know the basics: lots of circles, maybe a rebellion against heaven, and ironic torments. But the idea of a bad afterlife has a lot of traction outside the traditional Western conception, and it can get pretty frightening.

Theresa Handwerk
City of the Dead: Hidden and Forgotten Gravesites of NYC
We go about our days in New York City with about 8.3 million other living souls, but what of those who populated the Big Apple in centuries past? Many of them lie quietly in hidden corners, but thousands are laid to rest beneath our very feet. Where in NYC are these hallowed remains spending eternity...and is there any room left for YOU?

Casey Selden
Witches’ Sabbath: St Walpurgis Eve
Can an 8th century Catholic Saint protect you from the witchiest night of the year, when evil powers are at their strongest? Or would you rather join the witches at their annual mountaintop conference and soirée? Either way, St. Walpurga is here to bless you with an extra bonus Halloween season each year.

Ily Squirrel Collins
37 Ghosts: The Ichthyosaurs Residents of a Mining Town
During the gold rush, dead miners were buried steps away from where they pulled gold from the ground. Little did they know, they were also a short donkey ride from the largest death assemblage of ichthyosaurs found to date. It remains a mystery, to this day, how those prehistoric reptiles died…

Leonard Apeltsin
Edward and the Lost Ark of the Covenant
In 1941, amidst the ravages of war in Ethiopia, - Scholar and soldier, Edward Ullendorf steps into a secluded church, searching for an elusive prize: the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Having vanished in 586 BC, this sacred relic housed the Ten Commandments and supposedly possessed the power to smite anyone who dared disrespect it. We delve into the mystic history of the Ark, the various theories swirling around its secret location, and Professor Ullendorf's efforts to unveil its resting place.

JR Pepper
Blood, Bones and Body Parts: Weird Christian Relics
The idea of a religious relic is something found in most religions. However the ones found in Christianity can be particularly macabre. Sometimes they’re only a piece of fabric. Other times, an ampule of human blood, or a piece of foreskin. Come hear what other artifacts ancient Christianity holds…

Odd Salon curates cocktail hour lectures highlighting strange-but-true stories from history, science, art, and adventure, live on stage, over cocktails. We bring experts and enthusiastic amateurs together to explore history’s overlooked and under-told stories, from legends of lost cities to masters of art forgery, engineering failures to murderous sideshow performers, daring heists, questionable taxidermy, and tales of epic revenge. Sometimes with stick figures.

Founded in San Francisco, in 2014 by Annetta Black, Tre Balchowsky, and Rachel James, Odd Salon is inspired by the salonnières of the Enlightenment, the illustrated lectures of the Victorian period, and a strong desire to tell weird stories in good company. After several years of hosting salons in San Francisco, in 2018 we expanded to add a new chapter in New York City.

We are a community project, centered around a Fellowship of speakers and an extended family of Members, and we have partnered with amazing organizations including the California Historical Society, the Long Now Foundation, the California Academy of Sciences, the tall ships of the Grey’s Harbor Historical Seaport, and the Exploratorium science museum.

As a community-focused and mission-driven organization dedicated to the diffusion of unusual knowledge, we are proud to be a membership supported, fiscally sponsored project of the InterCulture Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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