True Stories, Solo Performance, Storytelling, Off-Beat, Lecture - Season 26


Come hear six tales of prodigious pranksters and naughty nonsense, hanky-panky and historical hijinks, roguish rapscallions, and teasing tomfoolery, join us for Odd Salon NYC: MISCHIEF

Curated by Guest Curator, Matthew Codner!
Wednesday July 24
Under St. Marks Theater
Doors at 6:30pm; Curtain at 7:00pm
$25 In-Person $20 Watch From Home

Speakers and Talks:

Linnie Schell:
Burning Down the Goat

Every year, the town of Gävle builds a giant Yule goat...and every year, someone attempts to raze it to the ground. A talk about increasingly convoluted mischief that's sure to get your goat.

JR Pepper:
What Fools These Mortals Be! The Case of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Cottingley Fairies

How do you convince the creator of the world's most famous consulting detective of the existence of fairies? Apparently, a paper cut out and a double exposure is all it took...

Bob Sorokanich:
The Most Mischievous Mechanic in Motorsports, or, Smokey Yunick's Best Damn Garage in Town

Smokey Yunick never met a rule he couldn't bend. The self-taught mechanic and engineer built some of the winningest race cars in NASCAR history, powered by deception, loopholes, and a maniacal refusal to follow the racing rule book.

Jessie Wayburn:
Whoopee Cushions A History of Fake Flatulence

Farting is free, butt fake farts are big business. This talk will be a lot of hot air about embarrassing others and other delights. Plus! The connection to ancient Rome!

Theresa Handwerk:
Frolics with Ferrets, Fish, and Fowl Mischief...or Cruelty?

Europeans play games with animals, including the British contest to see how long they can keep a live ferret in their pants, the Belgian tradition of drinking a wine glass filled with small live fish, and many more!

Mark Pagán:
The Salacious Days and Nights of Tango Pirates

In the 1910's into the 1920's, dance halls were created where wealthy women could dance and be courted by Tango Pirates (also known as Taxi Dancers) — young men, many of whom were immigrants or first generation lotharios. These pointed to some of the most integrated spaces at the turn of the century with lots of mischief afoot.

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    • July 24, 2024
    • 120 minutes
    • Under St Marks
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    Under St Marks

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