Thursday November 4th - Wednesday November 10th

Location : The Kraine Theater, New York, NY

A one woman show adaptation of George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm. With a pair of sticks, I transform into every animal in this show and narrate.

Reilly Arena is a 22 year old actress hailing from Los Angeles, California where she lives with her boyfriend and two blind cats. She has extensive training from the UMN/Guthrie Theatre BFA actor training program, HB Studios, Groundlings, and Stella Adler. She is so thankful to Erez for this opportunity, her loving boyfriend, and her ever-supportive mom to whom she owes everything. This production is dedicated to her papa, who always has a copy of Animal Farm on his shelf. 

  • Full vaccination (two weeks past final dose of Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J) is required for all audience members, staff, and performers. You can prove your vaccination status with
    • Your vaccine card
    • The NY Excelsior app or NJ Docket app
    • A photo of your vaccine card with matching photo ID
  • Masking is required for audience and staff
    • Masks may be removed while seated in the back of the theater to enjoy drinks provided the bar is open and an empty row is left between masked and unmasked sections.
    • Audience members seated in the front section of the theater will be fully masked at all times.
  • Audience members and performers are required to fill out a contact tracing form upon arrival.
  • Seating is limited to half normal capacity with space left between parties.
  • The theater is equipped with a ventilation system capable of completely replacing the air in the space every ten minutes.
  • Surfaces are sanitized regularly.

All in attendance (audience, staff, performers, etc) must adhere to these polices or be asked to leave.