90-minute Storytelling for Business Master Class with Story Studio Instructor Cyndi Freeman

Sunday November 10th, 2019 - 11:30AM

Location : The Kraine Theater, New York, NY

This is a short master class which covers how and why storytelling is an invaluable tool for communication and influence. Participants will be guided in applying the principles of compelling storytelling to communicate more effectively on the job. Brief lectures and hands-on exercises focus on bringing an emotionally resonant arc to brand biographies, personal anecdotes for professional networking, and vision-into-action stories. Whether it be talking about important projects, selling a product, selling oneself to a client or at a job interview, crafting stories for grant proposals, or when talking to the press, storytelling is a tool that helps people deliver important messages in a way is that is clear, compelling and memorable.

The class consists of exercises that will help you identify and refine a story; everyone will get to practice telling a story with a partner and a few volunteers will get the chance to perform their stories for the full group receive in-depth feedback from their instructor and classmates.