GUT REACTION LIVE! Comes to Under St Marks This Month

by Stephi Wild for Broadway World

Join us for The Squirrel’s presentation of America’s longest running talk show that’s somehow still on, Gut Reaction Live, with this episode’s host, Avery Meow-Mix (Laura Ornella).

This episode breaks down the events in Topeka, Kansas, where the unthinkable has happened: Someone stole the teacher’s prized broach during a field trip to the local waste treatment facility. Who could do such a horrible thing? Fear not, because Gut Reaction Live is here to pick up the pieces and investigate the truth.

At the reins of this hour-long talk show on the fritz is new daytime host (the show just can’t seem to hold down a host for very long!) and narrative genius Avery Meow-Mix, and she’s asking the important questions. As a series of live interviews unfold, get to know the eyewitnesses, students, teachers, workers, and passersby who were at the scene of the crime that fateful field trip.

Meow-Mix is everything you want in a daytime TV host: nosy, unhinged, and willing to put in the work to get to the bottom of the situation! It’s just too bad everyone quits this show because they can’t handle its twists and turns. Part improv, part characters, and 100% antics, this show masterfully turns the quotidian into hilariously high drama.

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