Royko: The Toughest Man In Chicago

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“Bisschop has not only found Royko’s purist nuggets, but he wears them well too, capturing the gruff, impassioned reporting of perhaps one of the few neo-Renaissance men ever to sit at a press desk with perfect perfection.”

-The Tvolution

Mike Royko is undoubtedly one of best newspaper men Chicago ever produced. In the 34 years he was a columnist, he wrote over 7,500 columns for all three major Chicago newspapers. He was charming, sweet, mean, angry, rude, and often drunk. No one wrote more about the inner workings of a city and the working class people who made it run more than Mike Royko. A man who stood up to power with his pen, going up against the cops, politicians, and the Mayor himself. This one man show written & performed by Mitchell Bisschop explores Mike Royko’s life through his columns, books, interviews, stories, and tall tales about Chicago’s most popular columnist.

“But Bisschop truly shines when he relinquishes Royko’s gritty cynicism, if even momentarily, revealing the inner workings of a kind hearted and deeply concerned man.”



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