The EstroGenius Festival, the longest running festival celebrating the work of women and gender non-conforming artists in NYC, returns for a fourth year at The Kraine Theatre of E. 4th St. Begun in Manhattan Theatre Source in 2000 as a short-play festival, the festival has launched and supported hundreds of artists in its 19 years and continues through the generous support of FRIGID New York. 

In concurrence with the inclusive values the festival was founded on, this executive team focuses on art generated, written, directed, choreographed, composed and performed by artists who expand the definition of a women’s festival.  The producers strive to create a full, empowering, festival dedicated to a community that hears, sees and celebrates women, gender non-conforming and non-binary artists in all of their dynamic diversity.

Upcoming Events
  • Saturday May 2nd 02:30PM
  • The Magician's Assistant!
  • The magician is sick in bed but the show must go on! Enter, “The Magician’s Assistant,” who blunders onstage and has to entertain the crowd, without knowing how to perform any magic tricks. No rabbits. No tricks. No problem! This adult friendly physical comedy for kids 3-10 is about the transformative power of believing in yourself and asking for help.  Creator, performer, and clown Mélissa Smith switches characters with expert comedic flare, finding a delicate balance between chaos and control, vulnerability and confidence. “The Magician's Assistant” encourages empathy, laughter, and eating your veggies!  Runtime 50 minutes. After it’s NY debut in Frigid Festival 2017 The Magician’s Assistant went on to play for elementray students from all 5 boroughs at The Tank and as part of the innagural Family Series Program at the Strand Theater in Rockland Maine. Pre show activities and video projections and animation by Ingrid Larson add an extra dose of unexpected folly to the show.  "The Magician's Assistant is the perfect show for families -- hilarious and full of heart! Mélissa Smith is a world-class comedienne whose charm is infectious. The expressions of pure joy on the faces of the young audience members is a true testament to the magic of her performance!" -Brittany Parker, Strand Theatre
  • Wednesday May 6th 07:30PM
  • Funny Women of a Certain Age
  • Funny Women of a Certain Age Comedy is a show straight from the unfettered mouths and uninhibited minds of the funniest, most daring, most experienced people in comedy: the women that have seen it all.  They’ve raised children both on and off the road with big hairy club bouncers cradling their babies while onstage. These women have stayed in comedy condos where you don’t want to use a blacklight on anything. They’ve been told women aren’t funny and asked to trade sexual favors for work. Trust us, they have A LOT to say, and they say it hysterically.If I had to choose between ageism or sexism, I'd take a pat on the ass any day, since that meant someone noticed me.”- creator Carole MontgomeryFunny Women Of A Certain Age the TV special premiered March 23, 2019 on the Showtime Network to rave reviews.
  • Tuesday May 19th 07:00PM
  • Odd Salon
  • ODD SALON: Stories from the odd corners of history, science, art, and adventureSince 2014, Odd Salon has been bringing experts and enthusiastic amateurs together for evenings of strange-but true stories of the overlooked and unusual - live on stage, over drinks.2020 Schedule:March 25 – BREAKTHROUGH – EstroGenius FestIn association with the EstroGenius Festival – come hear six true life tales of brawlin’ babes and warrior womxn, boisterous femmes who didn’t curb their opinion. Flaunters, fighters, rulers, and rebels! Let’s tear down the walls for Odd Salon NYC: BREAKTHROUGH. Stories and Speakers TBA. Curated by Fellow JR PepperApril 29 – DUBIOUSMay 19 – TENEMENTJune 24 – FADJuly 29 – TCHOTKESAug 26 – HUSTLEFind out more: www.oddsalon.comBe the first to know about all of our New York local events: Join the Odd Salon New York City Event Announcement lists: Subscribe[Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram]
  • Wednesday May 20th 07:30PM
  • Paper Kraine
  • Paper Kraine was created on the principle that we all know writers, directors, actors, and creators who make wonderful work. All they need is a space. The Paper Kraine is committed to creating a venue for early-career artists to show humor-focused work in the spirit of adventurous discovery. We encourage risk-taking, question-asking, and the development of a supportive community of artists seeing, encouraging, and challenging each other’s work with the ultimate goal of enriching the artistic community through cross-pollination and meeting new people.
  • Tuesday May 26th 07:00PM
  • Chemical X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Show
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice - plus a heaping dose of Chemical X! Every month, a group of loud actors make up a never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen-again episode of The Powerpuff Girls. We’re not your average improv troupe – we feature iconic characters and voices from the PPG, plus a whole ton of improvised fight choreography. Come visit the city of Townsville, grab a drink, and revel with these femme-fueled butt-kicking superheros!And we have merch! Click here to buy