Gotham Storytelling Festival

Neither an election nor a pandemic can stop the ninth annual Gotham Storytelling Festival. Opening with an Election Night Story Special, this year’s fest is sure to touch on the good, the bad, and the most outrageous of 2020. Whether you’re looking to escape into someone else’s story, to commiserate with an artist, or to dive into what makes this year so insufferable, Gotham has something for you. Join legendary hitters like Ophira Eisenberg and Jamie Brickhouse as well as new friends like Stori Ayers and Matt Panesh for an international event that’s sure to alleviate some of the year’s aches. 

Upcoming Events
  • Virtual Venue
  • Friday January 29th 08:00PM
  • The Reparations Show
  • WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR US LATELY?If you don’t have a good answer, we’ll send you our Venmo username.The Reparations Show is a variety show that will center stories created by and about Black and Indigenous artists. This weekly show kicks off on Juneteenth as part of FRIGID New York’s Queerly Festival, and each week will be hosted by a different BIPOC artist. The show is the brainchild of Erez Ziv, managing artistic director of FRIGID New York, and Kevin R. Free, the Curator of The Queerly Festival. It was created as a way to offer paid opportunities for BIPOC artists. Besides featuring work by these artists, each episode will include a segment called “This Week in Reparations” that examines an organization’s statement of solidarity with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and keeps track of the work they have done toward that goal since releasing the statement.  You can watch the show right here, or join us on Facebook Live to send us comments!