Telenovela 101

Presented by Something From Aboard

Telenovela 101 follows Marisí, a poor but ravishing young woman destined for greatness. Despite her humble beginnings of being raised by her grandparents, and her faithful chicken, she finds love with the dashing and rich Sergio Antonio José. Little does she know (although her talking dog has been warning her all along) he has been using her to spite his filthy rich family! 

What happens when, underneath all of his deception and disgraceful actions, Sergio discovers he has true feelings for Marisí?! (gasps in Spanish) The story takes place over the course of 3 episodes (each a 60 min show).

Can the impossible happen? Can love conquer all!? Can animals really talk? That just seems far fetched!

Performances in español, with English subtitles, so that everyone can enjoy the authentic drama! 

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